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    15 November at 14:33 from atlas

    Crocodiles #*@!

    Its a unique experience - Cape Trib Wilderness Cruises is the only tour boat allowed in the Cape Tribulation section of the Daintree National Park.

    Seeing a crocodile in an important habitat like a mangrove nursery was great!

    Getting to the boat was a nervouse experience; walking through the mangroves put me on high alert but our host Ernie assured us there was nothing to worry about, since the ban on fishing and feeding crocodiles they don't congregate at the place where we boarded the boat. What a relief!

    Ernie's informative commentary was the icing on the cake on top of a feast of amazing scenery; with the boat gliding easily along the river, we were able to sneak up on several basking crocodiles, view birds and barramundies.

    It was a slice of life we don't see everyday, but is so important to our lives; according to Ernie a major percentage of commercial fish stock relies on the mangrove system. And inturn, so do we seafood lovers.