Daintree Holiday Accommodation  
  • Walk to Alexandra Bay Waterfall, Daintree

    29 November at 08:02 from atlas

    The walk to the waterfall started from the back of the Heritage Lodge where for safety reasons they took our names, time of departure and approximate time of return. Nice to know someone is watching your back! Not that the walk is difficult, but incase of a freak accident neither Martin or I wanted to experience our own version of the film 127 hours.

    Along the way Martin spotted at least seven water pythons; we also saw yabbies, butterflies and fish.

    It took us four hours to get there and back. I'm the slow, steady type but Martin almost floated above the rocks! I'm convinced without me he'd have made it there and back in under two hours.

    We stayed at the waterfall for half an hour enjoying the spectacular view of this high multi tiered waterfall and jumping into the rock pool. I found a rock to prop up on and we had great waterfall massages! Martin climbed to the next pool above, I tried but am not good with heights so half way up I turned back to the safety of the lowest pool.

    This was the second time to walk to the waterfall for me. The first time was at the end of December after it had been raining here and there throughout the month. There was more wading through water and negotiating slippery rocks. Martin and I did this walk in August and it was much drier so there was more walking along dry rocky water course beds.

    A great adventure if you like exploring remote places safely where its unlikely you'll come across other people. A big thank you to the owners of the Heritage Lodge for allowing access and taking on the responsibility of looking out for us.

    Tina Mrozek (Cow Bay QLD, Aust)
    Martin Fontaine (Paris, France)