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  • SAILAWAY and snorkel the Great Barrier Reef.

    17 November at 16:05 from atlas

    Qn: How to SAILAWAY and fall in love with the reef?
    Answer: Take a chilled out journey to Low Isles to experience THE MOST AMAZING and diverse reef system I've seen in Queensland.

    For me this trip was a journey back in non linear time; the colours, richness of diversity in a densley compacted area were astonishing, and not without surprises.

    Low Isles' reef is reminiscent of those in Cocos Keeling Island where I learnt to dive with the fabulous Dieter and Karen Gerhardt. An incredible variety of coral including the pretty Cabbage Patch, oversized reef fish, turtles, Giant Trevally, Black Tip reef sharks (only 1m long, don't be scared).

    We were lucky to see a couple of Bat fish at a cleaning station. One in particular, we assume, was very territorial, it followed us and tried to chase my fin away by swimming at it. Teana also spotted a lobster for dinner, but it had to stay in its hiding spot as nothing is allowed to be taken from this highly valued conservation zone.

    Like a great painting the Low Isles reef system unfolds its secrets from multitudunal perspectives as composition, light, and colour change with every fin stroke opening up to even greater depth in detail.

    Walking around the Island was, well....did we walk around the Island? One second we were walking a straight line, the next we saw our starting point. Loved the sensation!

    The journey out was relaxing, Emily, Brooke and Skipper Alex were welcoming and helpful making sure everyone played safe and were comfortably kitted out for the days adventure in head to toe covering lycra stinger suits, fins and masks.

    Options for the morning were independant and/or guided snorkelling, a tour in the glass bottomed boat, exploring the roped off walk through the island or walking around it, followed by lunch back on the boat. Sailaway serves a clever selection of delicious foods suitable for all types of eaters. Only the prawn scraps were allowed to be thrown overboard for the waiting sharks and trevally.

    The afternoon options were to explore the reef section adjacent our moored boat, or stay on board to enjoy chilled music, cake, alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic beverages and mingle; Sailaway has a limit of 33 passengers making for a cosy yet comfortable mix of people from all corners of the globe to get acquainted with.

    To top off an awe inspiring day we enjoyed a peaceful sail home admiring the coastline and socialising with members and passengers. JUST MAGIC! Thankyou for a memorable trip.

    Visit Sailaway's website to book your journey http://goo.gl/ZnNNT

    Sailaway owners Katrina and Steve Edmonson also manage Poseidon, Katrina's family's business, so you can be sure of personal attention and care when booking trips with either business.