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  • Diving and Snorkelling the Great Barrier Reef with Poseidon

    17 November at 16:12 from atlas

    Monday 9th December, perfect weather, friendly staff, small groups, great food!

    The day started off with the necessary filling in of forms and a welcome and boat safety talk from David. Next we were divided into our respective diving, intro diving, snorkelling groups for briefings.

    Gearing up we experienced a rare whale sighting for this time of year. Everyone migrated to the Port side of the boat to witness the whale breach the water's surface. An amazing start to an already magical beginning for the day. It seemed that the 1.5hr journey to the reef was no longer than a blink.

    My dive instructor and group leader Paul was pure professional, he didn't laugh when I couldn't remember which way to turn the air on! (he did point out that I had no excuse because I had also been a dive instructor in a previous incarnation 2 years ago).

    He was also great at pointing out unusual sea life, such as the delicate and almost invisible and translucent shrimp on an anemone and a beautiful dark red brown lion fish. We saw many reef sharks and witnessed a spectacular sight when one of the sharks became determined with foraging beneath the coral for some delicacy and was promptly chased by a red bass.

    Kelsey fulfilled a long time dream to experience diving; Teana and Kelsey enjoyed an introductory dive together. Their instructor Jorg was patient, funny and informative.

    They then opted for snorkelling and the chance to fill their cameras with images from the deep blue (with some help from Sam and the rest of the crew). Their snorkel guide showed them how a particular coral creates a gelatinous substance from the water when pulled out, also informing them it was equivalent to SPF15.

    Thank you to long time established family business Poseidon and their wonderful crew for a fabulous day out on the reef. So long and thanks for all the fish!

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