Daintree Holiday Accommodation  

    15 November at 14:29 from atlas

    Ever wondered what George Clooney & David Attenborough have in common? No, me either....
    Answer- George was filmed in 'The Thin Red Line' in this oldest surviving rainforest and David has been filming a documentary here.

    Prue Hewett's backyard

    From the road we often only see the pioneer plants, words can not describe what grows in Prue's backyard.

    Nature unravelled as we walked, and as we walked we did the same.

    Prue's guided journey through her backyard was amazing, everyone asked wonderful questions and our talks ranged from: political, social, spiritual to scientific topics such as bio chemical and symbiotic relationships.

    I took over 70 photos, learnt so much about the hidden mysteries of life in a space that not enough people get to feel, see and discover.

    Where do I start ?

    Cassowary's favourite food is the Cassowary Plum; Prue showed us a tree that has leaves that have a growth pattern that does not conform to standard botanical rules; Cassowary's are a keystone species and feral pigs are an enormous danger to their survival; We walked through a forest area protected by indigenous spiritual beliefs manifest in carvings of faces on trees to warn and ward off intrusion; We saw Idiot Fruit, a 135million year old rare, primitive flowering plant that proves the continuity of the Daintree rainforest; The indigenous population used to put their dead inside tree trunks, so first settlers thought there were man eating trees here; and so much more....

    It was an enlightening morning walk and left me feeling with a perfect sense of being at one with the world.

    On this occasion it is OK to not see the forest for the trees.

    My recommendation would be to open up, ask the questions and you will get a great deal from seeing the trees in the forest that, in turn, will help you to see the forest better.